Ben Knoot

Ben Knoot

Ben is a nature photographer originally from California. Before graduating in 2018, he studied Environmental Policy and Environmental Education at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington State.organizations including, Natures Best Photography, Audubon, Ranger Rick, NANPA, Wildlife Photo Magazine and the BBC.e:

Recent Story from Ben

Recently, I ran into a situation where in order for my guests to get a proper view of a Mexican Whip-poor-will, I had to hike them up a very steep and slippery slope. In the end, the best strategy for getting them up the hill was to hold onto a tree with one hand and pull them up the hill with the other. In that moment, I was thanking my friends at Cotton Carrier for making my G3 Harness system. My camera stayed perfectly in place on my chest plate while I was able to use both hands to help my guests up the hill to see and photograph an amazing and cryptic species.”

“As a tour guide for Tropical Birding Tours, my greatest responsibility is to make sure my guests get the best possible view and if desired, photo of the birds. I take this responsibility very seriously but I also want to have my camera with me at all times. Not only does it allow me to capture images for the trip report but occasionally there is something we end up photographing that I would’ve kicked myself if I had missed. Long story short, I tend to always have my binoculars and my camera on me.

Ben now leads educational and instructive photography, birding and birding with a camera (BWC®) tours and workshops for Tropical Birding Tours; Ben’s goal while guiding is to provide a memorable, exciting and successful experience so that other people can enjoy photographing earths beauty as much as he does.
Ben has been published by several organizations including, Natures Best Photography, Audubon, Ranger Rick, NANPA, Wildlife Photo Magazine and the BBC. His deep love and passion for nature has guided and will continue to guide the way he chooses to live his life, with a sense of wonder and curiosity of all things new and exciting.

"I refuse to go out without my Cotton Carrier harness system. The level of security, accessibility and comfort are a true saving grace while I'm out photographing. I would highly recommend this system for anyone, whether they going out for a few minutes or the entire day."