CCS POV System for GoPro

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The CCS GoPro Bracket lets you carry your GoPro Camera on a CCS Camera Harness, Side Holster or Strap Shot. This bracket is designed to work with GoPros and all other POV cameras including small point&shoot models.

The great thing about the CCS POV system is that you can position the camera to shoot in any direction. Show the terrain in front of you, turn backwards to shoot a selfie or to the side to capture your friends getting the big air!

GoPro POV Bracket only - $49.00: Includes one GoPro POV bracket, and (1) allen key.
Product Code: 934CGB

GoPro POV Bracket plus CCS StrapShot EV-1 Holster - $79.00: Includes one GoPro POV bracket, (1) one CCS StrapShot EV-1, (1) allen key,  and (2) safety tether straps. (Camera mounting hub not included.)
Product Code: 923CGB

Visit our YouTube page to see a video for our POV system and all our other products.


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