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CCS Camera Harness-2

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The CCS Camera Harness System for two cameras is designed for the active photographer. The harness and side holster supports and secures 2 cameras and lenses. Work for longer periods of time without needing to go back to a camera bag for more gear. The ergonomic design of this two camera harness distributes the weight of the cameras helping to lessen the fatigue of a long shooting day.

Comes complete with a comfortable and durable, one-size-fits-all adjustable Camera Harness made of 1680 denier polypropylene material fitted with a super strong Lexan camera mount. The C&C machined, anodized aluminum components include our patented Universal Tripod Adapter which allows for direct mounting to a tripod. Included is our removable Wanderer Side Holster which allows for a second camera on your harness. The holster can also be removed and placed independently on your pant belt or the waist strap of your favorite camera bag.

This system keeps your hands free, your equipment safe, and your body mobile. Ready to shoot. Right now!

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    • CCS Camera Harness-2 system includes:

      - Camera harness

      - Wanderer side holster

      - Universal tripod adapter plate

      - (2) Hand straps with rubber mounting plates

      - Rain cover

      - (2) Anodized aluminum camera hubs and rubber washers

      - (2) Camera-hub mounting bolts

      - (2) Camera tether straps

      - (2) Allen keys

      - (2) Tether split-rings

      - Lifetime guarantee to the original owner.

      Protect yourself from the elements.

      Our UPDATED DESIGN now includes a sleeve to hold an umbrella - for example a 45" photographic umbrella with a thin shaft (available in many camera shops) works well. We've also added a larger front pouch, and now include a camera rain cover.

      Patented Twist & Lock Mount

      Our patented Twist&Lock Camera Mount System is stable and secure. One twist locks your camera in place, making it difficult for a thief to grab and go. It also stabilizes the camera so you are free to move vigorously without a camera banging around on your body.


    • Cotton Camera Carrying Systems involve moving parts that must be maintained periodically.

      INSTALL THE CAMERA HUB – use the included tightening tool (Allen Key), tighten the Camera Hub as TIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE. Adequate tightening causes compression of the rubber washer, this is what keeps your camera securely attached to the Lexan Camera Mount. Check it until you are satisfied it is not loosening through the turning action of the camera.

      Frequently check the condition of both the Hub and Camera Mount for any signs of wear or damage. Be sure to keep both the Lexan Camera Mount and Camera Hub clean and free of any grit and debris, and clean regularly as you would with any camera component.

    • The CCS Camera Harness comes with our patented Universal Tripod Adapter plate. This plate is compatible with most tripod heads on the market. It is cut to fit directly into any Arca-Swiss style head. Designed with enough adjustment holes to slide back and forth on the bottom of your camera to leave the battery door accessible.

See our You Tube page for videos including features of the CCS 2015 Camera Harness and instructions on how to set-up your new CCS Harness.

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