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Best Way to Carry Your Camera for Fishing

It is a careful balance when fishing and taking pictures. You have to decide when you should be fishing and when to be capturing photos. Fishing is a water sport, which means it can be tricky for cameras. You have to ensure that the way you carry and store your camera keeps it from getting wet or falling into the water.

Your camera will benefit by having extra care, attention, and security when it comes with you on the water. It’s important to consider how to carry it so it doesn’t get damaged, but you’re still able to use it while fishing.

Skout Harness

How to Protect Your Camera While Fishing

Keeping your camera dry and carrying it close to your body will provide the best protection. This way you can ensure that the only way the camera is going into the water is if you are. That’s why, on top of a case to store it, a camera harness is going to be the best option for protecting your camera while fishing. This can be a sling harness or a chest harness.

Keeping Your Camera Dry

When on a boat, the easiest thing to use is a hard-cover case. If there’s anywhere to spend extra money on a case, then it is for a case that will protect your camera on the water. Even if you only take a few dozen pictures, it’s worth it, especially if you get caught in the rain. 

Using a Camera Harness for Fishing

If you plan on using your camera frequently on a fishing trip, having it on a harness is the best way to keep it secure while still being able to access it.

A sling harness keeps the camera close to your body without restricting access or your movements. It’s quicker than a backpack, and convenient for those who have large cameras and lenses. Cotton Carrier’s SKOUT is an ergonomically-designed, sling-style camera harness that clings to the body’s core but still allows for instant, quiet deployment of the camera.



If you anticipate being active while fishing or moving around a boat, you’ll need a harness that supports and secures your camera while still keeping it ready. Cotton Carrier G3 Harness distributes the weight of the camera, lessening the fatigue from a long day on the boat and patiently waiting for a bite. With a safety tether, it also helps prevent any accidental drops into the water.

Cotton Carrier Camera Harness

Made from professional-grade materials to protect your cameras and lenses, Cotton Carrier Harnesses are great for carrying your camera when fishing. Our high-quality products are made from tough materials like Rugged Nylon 6 camera mounts, hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs, and quality polypropylene nylon webbing and straps. These materials help keep your camera secure, especially when fishing on the water.

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