Getting to know us

Cotton Carrier is a family run business. Andy Cotton, our chief designer, wanted a better way to carry a camera, thus the original camera harness was born. Shipping the first 500 from our family home in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since then, we've expanded the line while holding fast to our core values: quality and practicality.

Scratching our own itch

Andy Cotton couldn't find a comfortable way to carry a camera while having it out of his bag. After a long struggle with different styles, he decided to create his own. Years of design work later, using his prior experiences as a fisherman and special FX coordinator for film & television, he created the first Cotton Camera Harness.

Chest, Hip, Shoulder

Putting a camera on your chest keeps it in your center of gravity, in your hands, and maximizes ergonomic comfort. A back panel distributes the weight evenly, making camera carrying comfortable and easy on the neck or back.

On the hip is a sleek option for small-mid size camera setups. Holding the camera in a stable position for those who prefer to keep their gear around the waist.

On your shoulder secured to your backpack strap or using our over the shoulder sling harness, we provide options for portable on the go carrying.

Beauty in Simplicity

All of the systems function with the same twist & lock system. A small piece of hardware is placed on the base of your camera which slides 90 degrees into any of our carriers. A back-up safety tether, included with every system, is secured to your camera in case of accidental drops. And, all systems are designed to be one size fits all, with extremely expandable straps to fit all body types, genders, and sizes.

Our Commitment to the Natural World

We understand nature is precious and as avid outdoors folk, we want to protect the planet.

1% of all sales are donated to environmental non-profits.

All of our packaging is made from an average 53% post consumer recycled fiber.

And, our systems are built to last, not to end up in the landfill a year later.


As photographers ourselves, we know the benefits of compatibility, ease of use, and function. Our accessories have be created with an inside understanding of photography to keep you focused on creating. Adapters to go direct to tripod quick release, extra pockets, or a handgrip for extra comfort.

Andy's Story

I worked as a Special Effects Supervisor in the film industry for over 26 years. My specialty was designing physical effects: cars crashing, people hanging off buildings, that type of stuff. The rules were simple, and the only constant was functionality and 100% reliability. The KISS Principle (Keep it simple, stupid) ruled. People's lives were on the line; there was no room for error.

Later, as a professional landscape photographer, I found no product to meet my need for a camera-carrying solution that was comfortable, secure, and accessible. Sure, there were bags, sling straps, belt clips, and all manner of shiny things. But all were "toys" designed by designers, not photographers. Nothing allowed me to carry my camera comfortably, securely, and with quick accessibility.

My years of design experience in the film industry came into play as I set out to design the system I needed. It had to be simple, without springs or moving parts. Nothing that could fail, jam, or break. Made of top-quality materials, it had to function and be absolutely reliable in all situations. It had to provide comfort and accessibility in order to improve my photographic experience. Five years later, according to enthusiastic feedback from satisfied customers from around the world, I believe I got it right. Simple, functional, high quality: Cotton Camera Carrier Systems.

Outdoor photography accessories and harnesses for cameras, binoculars, and drones - made of professional grade materials

Professional grade materials with a guarantee

Cameras and lenses are expensive, so why take a chance when transporting your gear? Our high-quality products are made from tough materials: 

• Rugged Nylon 6 camera mounts
• Hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs
• Premium polypropylene nylon webbing and straps
• Precise stitching and oversized clips all around

Quote from one of our first 500 customers

Paul H. Stuetze on Jan 02, 2019

There are very few companies in the world today, from whom you can purchase innovative, durable products, and stay effective and relevent in photography, even if you own their earliest Generation1 Model. This is the true story with me and with Cotton Carrier Systems and my original black harness, with the white script lettering, "cotton," just below the torso hub plate.

There were NO surprises for me over the years, as I evolved through my favorite newer/used Nikon camera bodies, lenses and related gear. Always .., ALWAYS.., my original CCS Harness System, met and served me, completely and well! How do you top something like that kind of an original investment?

Photographer carrying large camera equipment with camera straps and camera slings
Outdoor photographer carrying photography equipment with camera straps and slings in the snow
Woman carrying a DSLR camera using the best camera strap
Photographer wearing a camera using a camera strap

The camera essential you always knew you needed

Enjoy your adventures without your gear becoming a burden! Designed by photographers, our carrier systems will allow you to carry your camera gear more comfortably, securely and provide quick access to your essentials. It’s a simple, functional, high-quality harness that guarantees a better photographic experience.

A truly hands-free harness

  • Ergonomic

    The ergonomic design of Cotton Carrier distributes the weight of the camera to lessen the fatigue on long shooting days.

  • Safe

    Be in the moment knowing your gear is secured as you climb, bike, hike, bird watch, canoe ... you get the idea.

  • Accessible

    Always having your camera accessible is more than just a feature, it’s the catalyst for getting your next beautiful shot.


“I love using my Cotton Carrier! It is the most comfortable method I have ever used for carrying my cameras in the 30+ years I have been a professional photographer! I carry a 150-600mm on my chest and another body with a 24-105mm whenever I go traveling. I’ll never go on another photo shoot without it! Thanks for the great product”

— Lewis Kemper

Thoughtfully designed

Featured in

Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Shutterbug Magazine
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Frequently asked questions

Can the G3 be used while wearing a backpack?

Yes & comfortably! It works well under Day packs and extended packs.
The G3 Can be used while wearing a backpack!

Do I get an instructional manual?

Yes all systems come with instructions which will be included in your purchase.

What size is this for?

The harness goes as small as 28 inches around your torso and up to 57 inches, 6 points of adjustment available to fit a variety of body sizes for women and men.

How should the harness fit?

The best fit for the harness is snug. You want the weight of your camera’s to be evenly distributed throughout your body and down over your legs.

If the system is worn slopy you will not get the benefits of how the system is supposed to operate

What's the maximum size this can handle?

Our harnesses are engineered to carry more than you can put on them, that being said your body can only carry so much weight and can only handle lenses of a certain length. For instance, a 600mm f/4 with its lens hood will probably be too long!! For larger telephoto lenses we recommend securing the camera hardware to the lens foot.

What are the technical specifications?

Harness weights 441g or 0.97 lbs

Materials: Kodra Synthetic canvas with DWR coding fitted and a hardened nylon 6 receiver plate

Safety Tether weighs 17.5g

Materials: High Impact rated clips made of fiber glass reinforced hardened plastic with aluminum lever and nylon webbing

Camera Hardware weighs 20.5g

Materials: (CCS Hub – Flat Mounting Hardware, Hi-density Rubber Washer, and Stainless Steel Marine Grade Camera Mounting Bolt)

One Size Fits All design going from 26″ to 57″ inch waist

No weight max achievable by camera gear

Can I still use my tripod?

Yes, you can still use your tripod. With our Universal tripod adapter plate, you can go directly from your CC harness into your favorite tripod head. It’s Arca-swiss compatible and if you use another brand like Manfrotto you just need to bolt the foot onto the Universal adapter plate. This adapter fits about 95% of the tripods currently created.

If you have any questions, kindly contact us:

Toll-free in North America 1-877-852-9423
Direct Dial 1-778-340-1535