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  • CCS Hub - Flat

    Installing the Cotton Camera Hardware

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  • Universal Tripod Adapter Plate

    Installing the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate

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  • Handstrap Add-on

    Installing the Add-on Handstrap using the Cotton Carrier Hub.

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  • CCS Arca Swiss L-Bracket

    Installing the Arca Swiss L-Bracket

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  • WASHING Your Carrier

    For washing your Cotton Carrier system use soap in the bathtub or shower. Wet and gently rub soap into the carrier. Let rest then rinse well. Hang dry.

    For Washing Machine - Cold Water Cycle, put carrier in a pillowcase or washer bag. Then hang dry.

  • CCS G3 Harness Instructions

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  • Slingbelt & Bucket System Instruction

  • Skout - Sling Style Harness Instructions

  • CCS G3 StrapShot Instruction

  • CCS G3 Wanderer Instructions

  • CCS SteadyShot Instructions

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