Slingbelt Instructions

1. Secure SlingBelt around your
waist using the clasp adjust to fit.
to your size

Clip on strap for CCS Skout G2 sling style harness attached to camera

2. Secure Tether strap around the
eyelet of your camera.

3. Secure Hub with Rubber Washer
to the base of your camera with
the arrows facing front and back

4. Slide your camera in at 90 degrees

5. Lens down the camera locks with our patented twist & lock

6. Add a secondary holster to one
of the 2 landing pads to carry
a second camera

7. Add a lens bucket to one
of the 2 landing pads to carry
anything you need

8. Add an Everything Bracket to
secure a tripod, monopod, or
whatever else you can wrap it
around to make everything
Cotton Carrier compatible