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How to Carry My Camera

There are many straps and bags on the market that can help you carry your camera and your gear. Not only is it important to find the right products, but also to figure out which is the right one for you depending on how you shoot. 

There are many different ways that photographers carry their cameras, depending on what they’re photographing. A camera bag is always good to have for traveling, whether you’re getting to your destination by car or by plane. When it comes time to shoot, there are a few ways to carry your camera.


3 Ways to Carry Your Camera


1. Neck Straps

When you purchase your camera, most come with a neck strap. These are great for keeping a camera accessible without having to have it in your hands at all times, allowing an easy transition between holding it and keeping your hands free.

Neck straps work carrying your camera and the attached lens, but nothing more. Since they only work for carrying your camera when taking photos, they don’t provide room for other equipment. Depending on how heavy your camera and lens are, it may cause strain on your neck if you are looking toward a long day of shooting.

2. Camera Harnesses

Camera harnesses are an upgrade to the standard neck strap. These mount your cameras in a more comfortable location like your hip, chest, and back, providing a holster to keep your camera secured against your body. 

Not only do camera harnesses keep your camera instantly accessible, but they also allow for additional equipment. This way, you have access to any additional lens and even small tripods and other accessories. Harnesses are a great option for carrying your camera for longer periods of time.

Camera Harness

3. Wrist Straps

Another way photographers carry their cameras is by using a wrist strap. These straps mount to the neck strap loops on the body of the camera, while others sinch around the lens barrel.

With a wrist strap, you’re carrying your camera everywhere you go. If you’re looking for a hands-free option, this won’t work well for you. For casual shooting or scenes that don’t need additional gear, it is an effective way to carry your camera without the extra weight of a bag.

Cotton Carrier Camera Harnesses

You want a system that allows you to access your camera and your gear while ensuring that you are not putting strain on your body throughout the day. At Cotton Carrier, our harnesses allow photographers to securely carry their cameras and additional lens or gear they may have. Made with professional-grade materials and a patented Twist and Lock system, we ensure your camera is secure and comfortable when wearing it. Shop our collection of sling-style and chest harnesses at