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The Last 10 years with my Cotton Carrier - A Cotton Carrier Story.

When we say quality we mean it. Not only in our products but as well in regards to our customers. Our friend Denis recently connected with us sharing his story from the LAST 10 YEARS sporting version one of the Cotton Carrier Camera Harness. Travelling around the globe by foot, car, bicycle, train and plane with his camera always at the ready. We decided it was time for an upgrade and got him set up with a new system. He sent us some words below of his 10 year journey. Pictures included. Enjoy!
To whom it may concern.
I am an avid outdoors person, watercolour artist and photographer, taking my camera wherever I go. Good quality photographs of a variety of outdoor scenes become the subject of my paintings. It was important to find a camera carrier system that would allow me to climb, bike, hike, bird watch and canoe with my camera hands-free.  The Cotton Carrier gives me assurance that the camera and lens are not being damaged and gives me quick access to take lots of great outdoor photographs. I first looked at and purchased a sling system but found that it did not give me the versatility I needed for outdoor activities. I returned it when I discovered the Cotton Carrier system.
I purchased my Cotton Carrier In August 2011 and it has gone with me on trips to various locations including North America, Australia, South and Central America and Vietnam. It has provided me with the versatility that I need! Thank you for a thoughtfully designed and well made product.
- Denis N, January 2021