CCS Brand Ambassadors

Tony Bynum

“If you’re a photographer you know that you should always have your camera handy. I know every photographer has stuffed a camera in a pack, or in a bag because you don’t want to carry it in your hands. Stop doing that! With a Cotton Carrier you can put it where you’ll use it!”

Tony Bynum is a USA based wildlife, nature, outdoor commercial, editorial and conservation photographer and adventurer. Tony focuses on creating inspiring images of wildlife, hunting and adventure activities across North America. If you’ve looked at any of the popular, traditional outdoor magazines, you’ve seen images created by Tony Bynum Photography.



Roger Brendhagen

“The Cotton Carrier CCS-G3 Harness helps me out - especially when I´m out for a long day in the field, using my 600mm! It´s not heavy – but after some hours it´s good to hang it on my chest.”

Imagine having the world as your office. Imagine your models not caring one iota about their appearance. This is the fortunate situation, Roger Brendhagen finds himself in, approximately 300 days of the year. Although born in Oslo in 1968, this Nature Photographer extraordinaire and his family later moved northwards, settling in the beautiful countryside of Hedemark, Norway. The forestry, wildlife, mountains, rivers and valleys of this area certainly played a role in Roger’s choice of photographic themes. Roger has photographic affiliations with Nikon – and he is a Nikon Ambassador in Europe. He has extensive experience taking nature photos and submitting articles to both magazines and newspapers in Norway and Sweden, as well as many others spread across Europe.



Connor Stefanison

“When I first discovered the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest, I immediately knew it would add significant benefits to my photography. After a long day in the field, the vest eliminates any neck strain I would have experienced using a regular camera strap. I can now easily access two different camera setups, and not have to dig into my backpack to change lenses. I couldn’t imagine shooting without my Cotton Carrier.”

Living on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Canada, Connor has learned about wildlife and wilderness first-hand, which has helped him greatly in his nature photography. He has received a number of scholarships and prizes, and his work has been featured in publications worldwide. Connor is also a two-time winner (2015 and 2013) of the coveted Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Rising Star Portfolio Award from The Natural History Museum in London.



Jess Findlay

“While tracking elusive wildlife and seeking out unique angles, I more often than not find myself travelling through difficult terrain. From the snow-covered slopes of the Rocky Mountains, to the swells of the Bering Sea, Cotton Carrier has always kept myself and my valuable gear safe.”

Jess Findlay is a professional nature photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His interest in the outdoors was sparked by a childhood spent birdwatching, hiking, skiing and mountain biking. Since picking up a camera during his mid-teens, Jess has travelled to the far reaches of North and South America pursuing his passion. In 2011, Jess was named Nature's Best Youth Photographer of the Year and in 2014, was featured in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. His work has been featured in multiple magazines as well as the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the London Natural History Museum. Jess now leads photography workshops in Canada, Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica.



Kevin Wyllie

“As a professional wedding and portrait photographer I value practicality, efficiency and reliability from my kit. That’s why I was attracted to the Cotton Carrier shortly after it was launched. There was no need to worry about whether my lens is dragging on the floor or swinging and knocking against a wall as I moved into position to get the right shot- my DSLRs are locked safely until I need them.”

Kevin Wyllie is an multi-award-winning wedding & portrait photographer, based on the West coast of Scotland, although his work takes him all across the UK and Europe. His photographs have graced the pages of books & magazines across the world, including Vogue UK. Kevin has photographed many famous faces, including Donald trump and the Scottish First Minister, but he reckons that his biggest achievement was photographing HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace (wearing his Cotton Carrier, obviously).



Angel Marchini

“I’ve been using my Cotton Carrier gear for a couple of years and I love it. It fits perfectly with my needs of being able to move and change cameras fast. When you are in a pit 5 feet wide and 30 feet long with 12 other photographers the last thing you need is for your cameras to be flying all over the place, hitting people and equipment, like I see with other strap systems.”

I love photography. I love music. I can not reconcile one without the other. I happily undertake all other kinds of projects but it is in the fusion of music and photography that I excel the most. There is no feeling like the one experienced when expressing though an image the emotions that the music you are hearing stirs in you.



Kate Siobhan Mulligan-Havercroft

“Whether I am in the field on another trip, or shooting weddings, the Cotton Carrier systems are the answer to all my gear woes. They literally revolutionized how I work - a two or three camera system on the vest lets me move freely and discreetly. Thats important with everything I need to capture - all sides of a culture, a place, or a wedding. As well it has really helped with back pain and tired hands that I normally have come the reception of a long wedding, or a long day on the road. I will never take a trip or shoot a wedding without one!”

Kate is a photographer and writer from Vancouver, Canada. She is the Operations Manager for the giving lens and leads teams of photographers internationally: she is a staff writer for Matador Network and Photography Faculty for MaradorU. Her work has been seen on: The Huffington Post, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver is Awesome, Fuel Your Photography, and more. When not traveling, Kate also photographs weddings around the Vancouver area.



Marina Cano

“My experience with the Cotton Carrier is like a revolution. I have to be able to shoot instantly carrying two cameras without any effort. In nature or wildlife things change very quickly and you need to have your equipment ready instantly in a really secure and comfortable way.”

Marina Cano is a wildlife photographer based in Cantabria, in the North of Spain. Taking pictures since she was a teenager Marina’s work has been published around the world and has won numerous international awards. Marina has published several books of photography from her travels in South Africa, Kenya, England and Carbanceno (Europe’s largest wildlife park.) She has held gallery exhibitions in Cape Town, London, Spain, La Habana, Korea and lectures in Europe and Africa. In 2015 Marina was a finalist in the World’s most presitigous Nature Photography Contest “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, and also became a part of the Canon Ambassador Team that same year. Join her on a Safari in Africa (2016) or a workshop in Spain. Read more on her website.



Lewis Kemper

I love using my Cotton Carrier! It is the most comfortable method I have ever used for carrying my cameras in the 30+ years I have been a professional photographer! I carry a 150-600mm on my chest and another body with a 24-105mm whenever I go traveling. I’ll never go on another photo shoot without it! Thanks for the great product

Lewis Kemper is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing and teaching throughout the United States. Lewis has been photographing the natural beauty of North America, and its parklands for over 35 years. During his extensive travels, he has been to 47 states from Alaska to Florida. His international travel has taken him to over 10 countries including, China, Tibet, India, Iceland to name a few. His work has been exhibited and published in magazines, books, and calendars worldwide. He currently is a Contributing Editor to Outdoor Photographer magazine.



Peter Lorber

Peter is a highly respected photographer who is well known for his eye-catching panoramas and high resolution (40MP plus!) Hasselblad images. Peter is also one of the few elite photographers granted access to capture the launch of the space shuttle Discovery’s final spaceflight, The STS-133. As one of the leading sales distributors for Hasselblad in the United States, Peter finds the Cotton Carrier Camera vest the absolute best way to carry these phenomenal $13,000 and up 40MP+ medium format digital cameras. Peter also hosts exclusive Hasselblad workshops across North America. Check out Peter’s workshops here:



Kieran Brownie

When it comes to traveling through dangerous or technical terrain it is key to have freedom of movement, the ability to securely and quickly stow my camera in a variety of positions is optimal for safety and efficiency. The Cotton Carrier system lets me focus on getting the shot, and most importantly getting home.

Raised on the South Coast of British Columbia, Kieran Brownie has taken his love for the wild coastal terrain and found a way to share the magic of wild landscapes with his camera. As a young upstart in the Snowboard industry Kieran's work was published in Snowboard Canada, Transworld Snowboarding and Kingsnow Magazine. His focus shifted in 2011 when he discovered rock climbing and since then has been exploring new ways to see the world. Currently his focus is documenting exploratory missions in Canada and beyond; the more unknown and mysterious an area, the better.