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SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras

Dual Camera Belt

SLINGBELT the world’s most comfortable, versatile carrier for cameras, lenses, binoculars and extra gear. This is the set up to carry 2 cameras, one on each side.

The advantage of the SlingBelt is its fixed-position carrying system. Our patented Twist & Lock mount secures a camera or binoculars to your hip. Add a second mount with a side holster if you’d like. A quick twist and your camera is quietly deployed. Want to access your camera faster? The included Sling Tether allows your camera to hang for instant shooting.

  • Patented Twist & Lock Mount for security and stability
  • Spreads load across body to alleviate weight across neck & shoulders
  • Ideal for use with DSLR, Mirrorless and Compact System Cameras
  • SLING TETHER, independently functional included as backup safety, has connections for both your cameras
  • SLING BELT for one camera, Rain cover, Anodized aluminum camera hub with rubber washer, Camera hub mounting bolt, Sling tether strap, Allen key
  • One size fits all up to a 48" waist
  • 62" Belt available upon request  
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    $119.00 USD
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
      SlingBelt Carrying System for 2 Cameras - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems

      Featured in

      Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Shutterbug Magazine
      Cotton Camera Carrying System - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Outdoor Photographer
      Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Digital Photo Pro

      SlingBelt Features

      The system all starts with the SlingBelt. This ergonomically designed Belt sits comfortably and distributes the weight of your gear to your hips. Say goodbye to upper body fatigue and eliminate a sore neck and shoulders.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      I won't ever take my gear anywhere without my carriers!

      A few years ago I purchased the G2 Harness. My 1st hike was all I needed to know that I wouldn’t ever take my gear anywhere without it! It held my camera firmly, safely and out of the way where I could access it in seconds. I loved it so much I asked for the new SlingBelt and bucket system for my birthday so I could carry more of my gear with me. I love this set up just as much and couldn’t be happier with it. My hands are free to use for hiking steep sections, climbing rocks and the occasional stumble. Better yet, they are free for holding my girlfriends hand and for helping each other in tricky places. I could go on and on about the impressive practicality of Cotton Carrier’s innovative products but I’m 100% confident that you won’t be disappointed with whatever setup you decide to get for yourself.
      As footnote - I now have the G3 harness that I use for my camera body with longer lenses and I use the sling belt for my camera body with shorter lenses. The bucket fits all my lenses - even my 70-200 with an extender.

      Great slingbelt for camera and binoculars

      An excellent design and carefully considered slingbelt at the waist for the avid birder with camera and binoculars that needs the "hands-free" approach to hike, appreciate and document the beauty of nature.
      It enable one to comfortably trek canopy walks, hikes across riverbanks, elevated hiking etc.
      A bit pricey but hopefully the quality and reliability will last but only time will tell. Being someone with a small waist, it was a challenge fitting it, luckily Sam provided great advice on dimensions and it turned out nice.
      Thank you, Sam for your tips, guidance and kind gestures !

      Where has this been all my life?!

      I am a nature and macro photographer as well as a classic car / hot rod photographer. I know, from one extreme to the other. I did a lot of researching to try and find better ways to haul around my Fuji X mirrorless system on hikes and at car shows, Civil War re-enactments and Powwows. I decided to try the Slingbelt for two cameras. Once it arrived and I gave it a try, I then ordered the Skout so I could cary the three cameras/lens combos that I use at events. After walking around for several hours at a car show, I had virtually no fatigue, and the gear was much easier to handle.

      I use a walker at events due to all the equipment I bring, including a ladder. I would carry two cameras using traditional shoulder straps and keep a third in the walker or camera bag hanging off the side of the walker. Now I can carry all 3 and have them ready in an instant. When I use the ladder at car shows, I always had to be careful of the cameras on straps banging in to the ladder or catching on it, and realistically could only bring two of them up the ladder. Those issues are now gone and all three cameras are readity available.

      I could not be more pleased with my purchases and am glad I watched and read a lot of reviews before deciding on Cotton Carrier. I am not saying other systems would not work for me, but so far this one has been perfect for my needs. My only regret is that I didn't do the research and purchase them much sooner!

      BRILLIANT system!!

      What an amazing system! It allowed me to hike carrying a Canon R6 with a 24-105MM lens on the camera on one side and a 100-500MM zoom in the lens bucket for a pretty balanced weight distribution on my hips. I used the D-ring on the Lens Bucket to attach a GoPro on a handle via a carabiner so I could easily include that in my hikes.

      It also allowed me to carry a separate day pack with extra batteries, snacks, water, clothing, etc. on my back.

      What I appreciated most was how secure the camera was yet how accessible. I could just reach down to my right, grab the camera, twist, pull it up and take the shots I wanted very quickly.

      And I really like the sling tether. The design allows it to easily adjust as I move the camera around while providing a safety backup in case of accident.

      The only thing that was a little annoying is that the padded shoulder part of the sling tether kept shifting around but I think that is due to the design to accommodate it being easy to move from the locking carrier up to eye level to use the camera.

      I also liked being able to unclip the sling tether from the camera when I put it on a tripod. That was nice.

      I now keep the universal mount permanently on my camera with a Cotton Carrier twist and release mount and a Manfrotto quick release mount and I am ready for most anything I shoot.

      I've been shooting with 35MM and digital for over 40 years and this is one of the most useful additions to my kit in all those years!!

      Brilliant system!!

      Slingbelt original (1 camera tether)

      I like this belt especially because I can attach a Sidewinder holster and with a CCS Everything bracket carry a monopod or tripod. However, I see now there is Slingbelt that is advertised to use with 2 cameras because apparently the tether strap accomodates a second camera. How can I modify my single camera Singlebelt tether to accommodate a second camera.

      Included in package

      (1) SlingBelt System

      (1) Wanderer Side Holster

      (1) Sling Tether

      (1) Weather Cover

      (2) Mounting Hardware

      Over 1200% funded

      After our first huge success on Kickstarter we gave it another shot with our latest design, The SlingBelt & Lens Bucket system. It was a hit. With 1200% funding and over $150,000 raised over 40 days, we are thrill to have our Slingbelt System as a feature product in our collection.larger lens via the lens foot on your lens to assure maximum comfort. The harness also fits comfortably under a backpack.


      Cotton Carrier original, flat, virtually indestructible, friction-free, hard-anodized aluminum hub. Secured with a slotted hole to allow for slight adjustment to avoid blocking the battery door. A threaded hole on the hub allows you to still use your tripod with our system.

      Weather Cover

      The G3 Weather Cover is designed for the elements. This self containing bag is weather proof protecting against dust and water. There is 10 inches of clearance inside. Complete with a clip to attach to.

      Our updated design also features

      • 3 year warranty against manufacturing defect

      • 30 day no questions asked returns policy

      • 2 day shipping options available for US customers

      • 24/7 customer service from real humans

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I use the tripod or quick release?

      The hardware has a tripod holed milled into it for tripod use. If you use quick release we recommend the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate or Universal Arca Swiss L-Bracket.


      Women's sizing

      The harness system is one size fits all with 6 points of adjustment. We get lots of positive feedback from woman photographers.

      Sizing for larger or smaller individuals

      The systems are one size fits all, spanning 26" to 57" inch waist measurements.

      Return Policy

      3 week no questions asked returns and 3 year technical warranty.

      Does the system work for large telephotos like a 600mm?

      The carrier will not fail under the weight of your camera/lens setup. A 600mm will place your weight forward and for some, it becomes a bit awkward. The system will not fail, but it becomes a subjective matter of comfort.

      Can I add another camera or binocular holster after?

      Yes, we offer a modular side holster with camera or binocular hardware. Or the individual hardware for camera or binoculars can be purchased independently.

      Can I put my camera into the binocular carrier's receiver? Or vice versa?

      All hardware uses the same twist and lock system, so you can place your camera or binoculars interchangeably in any receiver. 

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