Giuliano Scarparo

Giuliano Scarparo

Born in Padua in 1991, he has been a lover of photography since he was a child. Over the last few years he has specialized in nature photography. His photos have been published in various magazines including Digital Camera, Foto Cult and finally Outdoor Photography on which he was also featured on the cover.

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"My goal has always been to be able to capture unique and unforgettable moments: wildlife always creates situations that attract my attention with a look or a distinctive movement.

Wildlife photography always manages to convey unique emotions, which remain imprinted in my mind and that I try to communicate in my shots.

Perhaps my reputation is due to my personal photographic style born from the need to elaborate and convey lights, shadows and color predominance that I encounter during my travels.

For some years now I have also begun to organize photographic workshops to share this type of experience with those who want to approach this type of photography.

The Cotton Carrier "The CCS G3 Harness" is fantastic as it allows me to be hands free and balance my EF 400mm F/2.8 II with the backpack. I've always demanded the best from my gear in order to get the most out of my travels, and with Cotton Carrier I've found a partner who is up to the task of supporting me through even the toughest challenges. "